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Jay Wright

  • Exercise Physiologist/CPT

  • Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology / CPR Certified

My love for fitness and exercise can be tracked back to a childhood experience in 7th Grade.  I was a short, scrawny kid who was always picked upon. Coach Levy invited me to join the weight lifting club. From then on, I knew I wanted a career in fitness.

Since 1980, I have trained clients ranging in age from 12 to 93 years. I have the education and experience to design a fun and rewarding program tailored for you.

The fitness field is always changing. Given that, Jay continues his education annually  through various Certifications and seminars to ensure that his clients are getting the most and updated approach to reach their goals.

The science of fitness training and exercise is constantly evolving. I remain current by attending seminars and certification classes. My commitment to education ensures clients get the most recent best practices in this profession to attain more.

My philosophy to training is derived from Vidal Sassoon’s famous line, “If you don’t look, I don’t look good.”

I believe a qualified trainer should possess an extensive educational foundation, complimented with hands-on experience and reflected in a well-developed physique. A trainer should inspire clients to achieve more. A well-developed physique demonstrates to a client the trainer adheres to the same practices taught.

The practices of a personal trainer should be just that; personal. I respect my clients and look forward to the sense of “family” which develops from working so closely. Together, we can achieve success.